David was born on February 16, 1938 in Coconut Grove Florida, moving to New York where he has been living ever since except for a few years where he lived in Europe. He graduated from the American Community school of Paris France and attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York. In Europe David was exposed to the great tradition of fine art painting and it's history in western culture and in New York he embraced the new modernism and New York's abstract expressionism.


To this day David's subject matter walks a fine line between total abstraction and realistic dimensional elements. He feels that an art object should be a distillation, a concentrate, a reduction to its holistic essentials, in a harmony of the highest order, which is felt into expression. In David's work you sense his joy in discovering new ways to apply paint to canvass and paper. In the latest works which are for sale on this site he has incorporated the technique of collage to intensify the three dimensional effect of his cosmic-like landscape compositions. The spheres represent Matter i.e. molecules, the Pollock-like drips and flung paint represent Energy and the white of the canvass/paper represents Light. These three elements David feels are the essentials of all great pictorial art. In fact all of his art is lit from within, or contains it's own lighting radiating out from the work it's self.


Prints have been purchased from the artist by the following collections during an earlier phase of the artist's life around the late sixties; the Brooklyn Museum, the American Print Collection, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Wing Print Library, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Print Collection and the Philadelphia Free Library Print Collection. For further information about the works offered on this site and pricing please contact David with the email enabled feature on the site. or he can also be reached by phone at 718-928-4682.